He's in a Narrow Cave

He's in a Narrow Cave
Photo by Joshua Sortino / Unsplash

He's in a narrow cave,
Dragon blocked him till eve.
Here's the chance to freedom,
But he's tired and needs a dream.

In the dream he's walking alone,
No one to greet, nothing to worry about.
Good moments never last long,
And the dragon's back, to swallow him raw.

“I've given people a wonderful sky,
Though they have the right to deny.
I've never been a wicked dragon,
So, no wrongdoing I would reckon.

“They've been greedy and ungrateful,
That's what they should be sorry for.
I've worked hard on the right track,
And later they'll appreciate that.”

This poem was first written in July, 2020, as a part of an assignment.